Horticulture 101

November and December in your garden



Continue raking leaves as necessary and maybe start a compost pile. This will provide you with great “food” for your garden. 

Continue to remove all dead herbaceous perennial tops as the foliage begins to yellow and wither.  One exception is Russian Sage, do not cut back until late winter.  Remove the dead tops of established peonies and replace mulch. 


Water is still needed.  While your plants may not be actively growing at this time, they still need water.  If the weather has been dry or the ground stays frozen, be sure to water as necessary. 

Cut and enjoy your greenery and berries for the holidays.  Just keep in mind this is pruning and don’t overdo it on any one plant.  Some of our favorite cut winter greenery includes: aucuba, holly, boxwood, nandina, juniper, berries, and dried flower pods. 


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